an online course tailored to your transition needs

Are you ready for this incredible journey? We realize that navigating the transition from high school to college and your first years of college can be overwhelming. This self-paced online course will provide you with key information critical to college success while letting you decide the pace to fully digest and make use of the information. Your Transition Course will cover topics including:

  • Step-by-step guidance of the accommodation process
  • Self-advocacy
  • Legislation and understanding and using your rights
  • Disability disclosure
  • Campus and residence life
  • Networking for college and career success
  • Leadership and career development
  • Making the most of your transition...and SO much more!

Engaging, topic-focused classes and accompanying detailed Action Lists will provide you with both college and disability-specific information pertinent to making the most of your college experience. Let us be your guides!

Your benefits include:

  • Year-long access to our self-paced online course designed to move you forward toward meeting your goal of success in higher education
  • Expert guidance and resources from a team that understands both high school and higher education, while having expertise in the unique needs of students with disabilities
  • Digestible information and manageable steps to move you forward toward meeting your goals
  • Tools for continuous goal setting, tracking and management